Hill shares thoughts on film about his life


Film crews were again in McDuffie County last week shooting scenes for “The Hill,” a movie based on the life of baseball player Rickey Hill.

Hill, the son of a Baptist preacher, wore leg braces as a child and overcame physical challenges to follow his dream to become a baseball player. The film stars Dennis Quaid, Scott Glenn, Clin Ford, Randy Houser, and Joelle Carter. Since the movie is centered around Hill’s father being a preacher, scenes were filmed last week at the historic Wrightsboro Church.

The film depicts a church in rural Texas in the 1960s, so various classic cars were brought in for the filming. Hill was in McDuffie County for the filming and shares his thoughts on baseball and success. What is it like to have a film made about you?

“I would say inspirational. We all know it is unusual for anyone to have a movie made after them, but in this case its inspirational. It’s God-designed,” Hill said.

He said his story was told in a book, but he is also writing a book about his life. When anyone asks Hill where he grew up he can ramble on with a series of town names including Waco, Texas, which is depicted in the film location. The classic cars featured Texas license plates from the era.

“Our dad was a Baptist minister and we travelled,” he said.

What is the benefit of parents getting their kids involved in sports?

“I can say baseball more than anything, because that’s my love. I can’t really say a whole lot about the other sports because to me they’re not even a sport. Baseball is a sport,” he said. “Getting them involved in sports, they either have it or they don’t. They either want it or they dont.”

“Get them involved yeah, you’ll find out right off whether they really want it or not, you will. It wont even take a year,” he added. “If they want it and they’re pretty good at it, they’ll catch on pretty fast.”

What kind of advice do you have for the young baseball players? “For a hitter, I would say take 500 shadow cuts a day. I swung it 500 times a day,” he said.

He also stressed sprints, lots of wind sprints.

“Had I not done wind sprints I would have weighed 260, but instead I weighed 239 or 240,” Hill added. “Honestly, ability has to come first. It’s hard to build from something that just doesn’t have it. Some people are just uncoordinated,” he explained.

Prior to the scenes shot at Wrightsboro, crews had filmed on location at a Mesena Road home.

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